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Laeneck Stethoscope

My objective was to produce a close copy of the original stethoscope introduced by Rene Laeneck circa 1816.  A history is provided below.  Laeneck chose Spanish Cedar as the preferred wood for early models, and I have used the same material for my copies. Joints are simple slip-joints with suede inserts for tight fit.


Finish is with sanding sealer, polyurethane varnish, and two coats of hard finishing wax, with gold leaf for decorative bands. Production on a wood lathe required a steady-rest to maintain concentricity (see header image above, 2nd from left)


Many other woods were used in later versions, some with slip joints and others with screw joints. The wider bell was used to listen to lung sounds and the narrower insert bell for heart sounds. 


There are a number of shorter early stethoscopes with broader bells. These are believed to be early versions of the obstetrical stethoscope, and I have copied these versions from images and dimensions available from antique dealers and at the Musee de la Medecine, Brussels, Belgium.  

And...  YES... they do work!!  

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