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Apothecary Museums

Personal Favorite Museums

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum (Alexandria, VA), now a National Historic Landmark, is one of the finest apothecary museums in the country and has the distinction (along with the DuFilho, below) of being in it's original location. It is my favorite in the US, is readily accessible from Washington DC, and is both spectacularly beautiful and fascinating from the historical perspective and is most enjoyable for adults and children whether you are an "apothecary bottle nut" or not. 

105-107 South Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, 703.746.3852 

Some Spectacular Museums in Europe (Daily Art Magazine)

NOTE- Museum listings were last updated circa 2015.  I will update them as time allows. Please feel free to report bad links or changes in information here. >>

Listings for US, Canada, and UK are fairly comprehensive. The rest-of-world listings are spotty at best. 

List of Museums- US and Canada and Misc.  (downloadable)
Museums- UK (downloadable)
Museums- Germany (website)
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